Welcome to Lapis Studio: acupuncture and therapeutic massage located in Rotterdam Kralingen.

Lapis Studio offers various natural treatments for a variety of common problems.

Each session is unique and based on individual needs.

Each treatment focuses on the individual as a whole.

Environment, changing seasons, life style and diet are all taken into consideration with each patient. In many cases, stress and emotional difficulties are common reasons for disorders and diseases.

The healing process depends upon the patients constitution (condition), their involvement and disorders.

In minor disorders, after one treatment, the patient may see improvement and feel pain relief, but one session is usually not enough.

The patient can also continue with the healing process at home by using simple reflexology or acupressure points and dietary advice.

Regular massage sessions help to prevent sickness and disorders, decrease stress and tension in the muscles and improve blood circulation by unblocking stagnated areas.

In addition to treating physical problems, this treatment offers alternative ways to a more relaxed body and mind. 

About me

My name is Anna Kowalska, I am a registered acupuncturist and massage therapist. 

I started my company in The Netherlands in 2008 while continuing with my studies in this period.

I studied Natural Therapy (Shiatsu, Acupressure, Foot reflexology, classical massage, The Five Elements Diet) in Wroclaw, Poland for 2,5 years (2004–2007).

I was awarded the diploma of Naturopathy and Bioenergotherapy in 2007.

Between 2005 and 2011 I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine under Matthias Hunecke (Avicenna Institute), and Traditional Chinese Medicine under Claude Diolosa (Avicenna Instutute) in Poland and France.

In 2007 I traveled with my teacher Matthias Hunecke and a group of students to Nepal, to work in Benchen Free Clinic in Kathmandu learning and practicing acupuncture, and clinical cases in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 2014 I was awarded the diploma for a 4 year study in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Since receiving my diplomas I have continued to take relevant courses:

● Acupuncture at Shen Zhou University in Amsterdam ( 2017-2019 )

● Foundation of Western Medicine at Qing Bai Academy in Breda ( 2019-2020 )

● Practical Application of Classical Chinese Herbal Formulae at EATMS in Amsterdam ( 2020-2021 )

• Complete Paediatric Acupuncture course by Rebecca Avern ( 2023 )

• Various trainings about trauma, mental health problems, fertility and pregnancy ( 2019-2023 )

• The entire digestive tract by Kiiko Matsumoto - japanese acupuncture ( 2022 )

• Acupuncture for oncology patients and post-oncology problems by Kiiko Matsumoto - japanese acupuncture ( 2023 )


In May 2020 I received Dutch acupuncture license.

Aside from my formal training and practice I am actively involved in other relevant forms of holistic practices. Since 2014 I am involved with a group in Rotterdam practicing a form of yoga known as do-in yoga (a Japanese form of yoga which is closely related to Shiatsu) and since 2018 in practicing Medical Qi Gong.

In my therapy I combine different massage techniques and the Chinese 5 Elements Diet with the aim of treating the problem in various possible ways.

I have my practice in Rotterdam Kralingen where I live with my family. 

I continue to practice and study in my discipline which grows with each patient.

Lapis Studio is affiliated by :

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde ( NVTCG / Zhong ). More information : Zhong

Koepelorganisatie KAB. More information : KAB