Shiatsu is an ancient form of body work from Japan, using stretches, kneading, rocking, gentle holding and palm and thumb techniques to provide a healing process.

This type of massage also uses knee, elbow and foot pressure, as well as rotations of joints and limbs and stretches. It covers the physical body, emotional and spiritual aspects, and it supports the body's natural ability to balance itself.

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Acupressure is an ancient therapy based on acupuncture points. However, instead of needles, it uses gentle to firm finger pressure. 

In acupressure, restoring and balancing energy is done by pressing on specific acupuncture points with the thumb.

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Foot reflexology

The feet are an important part of the body that connects us to the earth. We rarely pay attention to the condition of our feet but it can determine the health of the rest of the body, affecting our posture and causing imbalance in other areas.

In reflexology, it is believed that specific points and areas on the foot correspond to different organs, systems, bones and glands of the body.

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Cupping massage

Cupping treatment is an ancient treatment in which glass, bamboo, plastic or silicone cups are applied to the skin to create a suction. The cupping method lifts the skin, tissues and muscles upwards.

The lifting movements create space for fluid to move, helping to drain toxins and waste out of the body. Depending on the problem, cups may be moved (moving cupping) or placed on specific areas for longer periods, about 20-40 minutes (fixed cupping).

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Facial cupping massage

Lapis studio offers facial cupping which improves blood circulation, reduces dark circles, minimises under-eye-bags, detoxifies the skin and reduces wrinkles.

It is also an effective treatment for headaches, sinus problems and allergies. 

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